Book Release + Sale Announcement!

I try not to spam all of you with too many promotional posts, but I did want to let everyone know that my next book, The Flight of Virtue will be available for purchase this Friday, (2/3/2023) at all online digital retailers for the ebook ($2.99) and Amazon for the paperback edition ($14.00). For a fuller synopsis, see my earlier post, but if you enjoy historical fiction or alternate history—especially with famous figures, strong female characters, pirates, and a touch of voodoo—I think you’ll get a kick out of FoV. Think The Scarlet Pimpernel or A Tale of Two Cities, but with Theodosia Burr and Sally Hemings at the helm 🤓

Also, as is tradition for me on release weeks, I’m running an ebook sale on my God’s Wife trilogy this week (1/30 – 2/4 2023) if you’re interested in my fictional takes on many of the Egyptian and Roman topics I cover here on the blog. Each title will be available for $1 each on all digital platforms, links below:

The God’s Wife [Arsinoë IV of Egypt and the fall of the Ptolemaic dynasty]

Daughter of Eagles [Arsinoë’s daughter Aetia grapples with a violent past and an uncertain future in Augustan Rome]

Children of Actium [The grandchildren of Cleopatra and Augustus must join forces to save the Pax Romana]


I’ll pop back on Friday with links for Flight of Virtue, and until then, thanks to all of you for your interest and support!

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