Obligatory Black Friday Sales Post

Because some of us are stuck with Imperator Caesar Divi filius Augustus as a muse and not a financial patron.

I promise next week I’ll get back into informative entries (I’m thinking Roman-Ptolemaic naval warfare, then good, old-fashioned land warfare). But I would be remiss going into the biggest shopping weekend of the year if I didn’t remind all and sundry that my new book, Daughter of Eagles is now available on your favorite digital platforms for the exciting introductory price of only 2.99, and in paperback on Amazon for only 16.99. The second price may seem like less of a bargain, but a cursory acquaintance with this blog should assure most people that brevity and I are not particularly close friends, so rest assured, you are getting a good deal on the price to page count ratio. The first link is a universal page for all digital storefronts including Kindle (if you’re a fan of OverDrive or Hoopla, bear with me — they’re coming in the near future, but their publishing always lags a bit behind everyone else); the second is paperback only.


So if the content here has interested you even a little bit, I encourage you to give my long-form fiction a whirl. I started writing again (seriously) in part because I wanted to write the kinds of books I wanted to read, especially historical fiction steeped in period details that really let you immerse yourself in the story, and pull you into the worlds of real people known and less so. If that’s your bread and butter as it is mine, I think you’ll find both The God’s Wife and Daughter of Eagles much to your liking. Even if plain history isn’t your thing in fiction, as I’ve alluded to previously, I like to use mythology and a little magic to round out my taste for obsessive factual detail, so I truly believe there’s a little something for everyone in these stories. And with the holidays coming up, and unfortunately the threat of more time spent at home with so much of outside life in flux, what could be a better gift for yourself or the book lovers/history nerds in your life than a hefty historical fantasy with which to while away the colder nights with?

For a preview of where the plot of Daughter of Eagles is going, I refer you back to my entry from August about Octavius and the First Settlement.


My story picks up in the aftermath of those decisions in the year 23 BC, an eventful year during which the last major challenge to Octavius’ ascension threatens to topple everything he’s built and the Roman Empire as we think of it might truly have been born. But to keep history on its course, I’ve given Octavius a reluctant partisan from perhaps the most unlikely source: the heir of his defeated Ptolemy foes and maybe of his empire as well…

And for The God’s Wife:


Ok, thanks everybody for your patience. Next week — onwards and upwards!

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